About the Author

Gary Slavin

Gary’s love of a good story started when his uncle, an undercover agent for the CIA, spoke about his missions in Southeast Asia.  His uncle witnessed life not being a straight line but one with lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, and one where only the strong-minded individuals reach their goals.

Gary went to work in the insurance and investment industry where he helped his clients by protecting them and their family from life’s what ifs.  He guided them through and successfully turned their goals into reality.  After thirty years of growing his insurance and investment practice into a very successful business, he took a break from his work to write his first book.  The inspiration for his book was the drug drop he witnessed as he jogged around a local park.  His characters are defined by the twists and turns of his own life and the stories he has heard from his clients on what made them a success.

As he began to tell people about his book, their reaction convinced him he had a good story, like the ones his uncle once told.